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The Utopia Spa



Utopia's Spa Services


REFRESH Package (includes lunch and gratuity)
Recharge and re-energize with our rejuvenating 30-minute Massage including a Mini-Face Cleanse/Mask, a Mini-Manicure, a Spa Pedicure, and Lunch served in our Zen Lounge. It even includes gratuity! Times are approximate.
3 Hours of Refreshment   $150.00

RELAX Day Package (includes lunch and gratuity)
Utopia Spa PackagesTranquilize and unwind with our soothing 60-minute Massage, a Utopia Deep Cleansing Facial, a Spa Manicure, a Spa Pedicure, and Lunch served in our Zen Lounge. It even includes gratuity! Times are approximate.
4.5 Hours of Refreshment   $265.00

RENEW Day Package (includes lunch and gratuity)
Utopia Spa PackagesRenew and revitalize with your choice of our 90-minute Massage or our Body Wrap, a Utopia Deep Cleansing Facial (plus 1 Enhancer: your choice of Lightening Mask, Soothing Gel Mask, Sea Weed Mask, De-Stress Eye Mask or Restore Neck/Bust Treatment with Youthful Lip Treatment), a Spa Manicure, a Spa Pedicure, Soyaffin Treatment for your Hands or Feet, and Lunch served in our Zen Lounge. It even includes gratuity! Times are approximate.
6 Hours of Refreshment   $340.00

M A S S A G E  S E R V I C E S

Download a Utopia Spa Massage/Body Treatment Intake Form.
Save time by printing and filling out before arriving!

Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage
Relax and renew...with Deep Tissue, Relaxation, or Swedish Massage... or any combination that best suits your personal needs! YOU are what this service is about!

30 minutes Upper or Lower Body   $45.00
40 minutes Upper Body   $60.00
60 minutes Full Body   $75.00
90 minutes Full Body   $110.00

Add Hot Stones
The addition of Hot Stones will allow you to relax faster and easier... and it will quickly loosen those tense muscles! For maximum effect, hot stones should be added to a one hour massage.

Hot Stone Add On   $20.00

Reflexology 30 minutes   $40.00
Trigger points in your feet will help corresponding body parts and ailments to respond.

Add Reflexology to Service   Add On   $25.00
The addition of Reflexology to your Massage will deepen your enjoyment and experience!

Gordon Chair MassageChair Massage  15 minutes   $20.00
Relax in a special chair designed to allow a relaxed, fully clothed, upper body massage! Perfect gift for your staff, family, boss and can be done at Utopia Spa or off site.

Add Mini "Facial Cleanse/Mask" 
Add on   $20.00

Top your relaxing massage off with a "Facial Cleanse" to more fully feel renewed.

Add Mini Salt "Glow"   Add on   $10.00
Pamper yourself with a skin smoothing and softening addition to your back or feet.

Specialty Massages & More

"Couples" Massage   60 minutes $135.00
Enjoy the wonders of a one hour massage with someone you love -- or with someone you just like to spend time with -- at the same time, in the same room, by two Massage Therapists. Utopia is currently the only Spa in this area offering this service!

Seniors Massage  60 minutes   $70.00
Reap the rewards of being over the age of 62! This is a One Hour Full Body Massage!

Pregnancy Massage  60 minutes   $70.00
Let us Pamper the "Mommy-to-be" after the first trimester.

Infant Massage Classes  90 minutes   $70.00
You know how beneficial massage is for you... Let us teach you and your partner how to massage your infant! Only $70.00 per couple for this 90 minute long session.
Please call
804.732.1234 for details.

Mommy Belly Sculpture 90 minutes  $70.00
A unique and fun gift for the Mommy-to-be! Imagine capturing the beauty of an expectant mother's belly with a plaster casting! This amazing Sculpture can be left white, or decorated and displayed for years to come. What a wonderful activity for your baby shower... Have guests help decorate and personalize your sculpture!

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F A C I A L  S E R V I C E S

Utopia Deep Cleansing Facial  50-60 minutes  $80.00      
A customized treatment using a Pevonia® line of products specifically for your skin type -- Linge Sevactive for dry skin, Linge Lavandou for sensitive skin, or Linge Fondamentale for combination skin. Read more about Pevonia® skincare.

Oily Skin Facial  50-60 minutes $85.00
Normalize, purify, and tighten your skin as well as help control occasional breakouts with Mattifying  products from the Linge Purilys line.

Acne Treatment  60 minutes  $105.00
A clearing and preventative facial using Pevonia’s Linge Clarifyl. This treatment applies two professional strength masks, including Clear-O-Zym, a freeze-dried enzyme peel.

Anti-Aging Skin Repair  60 minutes  $95.00
Wrinkles and lack of elasticity are addressed by the Linge Power Repair with Collagen, Elastin, and Vitamins B and E to repair and refresh mature skin.

The Ultimate Caviar Facial  75-90 minutes $150.00
An indulgent facial using Pevonia’s most luxurious products! The Linge Caviar facial begins with Caviar  Timeless Balm Cleanser, Lotion, and Cream -- filled with relaxation and pampering -- and is completed with a skin-warmed, Melting Caviar Mask.

Facial Enhancers  (Customize your Facial with these Add-ons)

Myoxy-Caviar Mask  30 minutes  $70.00
The Ultimate Anti-Aging treatment! This hard-peel-off mask deeply repairs and replenishes, providing immediate radiance by using pure, highly concentrated and active Caviar and Sea Weed Film.

Plantomer Lift Off Mask  30 minutes  $30.00
Perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin with circulation problems. This soft, lift-off mask will heal and strengthen using rich minerals and vitamin E for noticeable results.

Lightening Mask  15 minutes  $15.00
Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid will even skin tone, tighten pores, and revitalize skin! Part of Pevonia’s Linge Radiance line.

Soothing Gel Mask  15 minutes  $15.00
Sensative skin?    Aloe Vera, Calendula, and Allantoin, an anti-irritant, will soothe, calm, and reduce irritation and redness while deeply hydrating.

Sea Weed Mask  15 minutes   $15.00
Anti-Aging with Firming Ginseng!
Not suitable for sensitive skin or those allergic to iodine.

De-Stress Eye Treatment Masks  15 minutes   $15.00
Reduces Puffiness and Dark Circles -- Soothe and calm the delicate eye area with Ginkgo Biloba and Collagen Fibers.

De-Stress Eye Treatment/Ampoule  15-20 minutes  $25.00
Reduces Wrinkles --100% Pure Marine Collagen that has been freeze-dried and micronized will smooth fine lines, Reduce crepiness, and rejuvenate eye contour!

Restore Neck and Bust Treatment  10 minutes  $10.00
Enhance elasticity and firmness of this delicate area of the body.

Youthful Lip Treatment   5 minutes   $5.00
Collagen and Elastin defy the signs of aging, Smooth and prevent lines, while providing amazing protection! Also a great base for your lipstick!

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Download a Utopia Spa Massage/Body Treatment Intake Form.
Save time by printing and filling out before arriving!

Utopia Spa Welcomes you!Herbal Detox Body Treatment  
60-90 minutes   $110.00

This herbal detox body wrap will aid in the elimination of toxins and waste from your body, revitalizing your skin and can help the enhancement of your immune system. After a light scrub, your entire body is treated with a beautiful blend of herbs and oils. It is then wrapped in plastic, sheets, and/or blankets to contain heat, and eliminate toxins via perspiration… leaving you feeling mentally and physically relaxed, detoxified and balanced.

Body Wrap/Polish  60-90 minutes   $110.00
Lay back and enjoy as your pores are cleansed and your body is gently exfoliated … unveiling a silken complexion. Your skin will be invigorated and softened, leaving you with a refreshed afterglow.

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N A I L   S E R V I C E S

Download a Utopia Spa Nail Services Intake Form.
Save time by printing and filling out before arriving!

Spa Manicure   $30.00
Relax in a calm, quiet environment as we pamper your hands and nails. Your manicure will include a wonderful exfoliation, hydration, warm towels, and light massage along with shaping and polish.

French Spa Manicure $35.00

Spa PedicureSpa Pedicure  $45.00
Soak your feet in our glorious whirlpool pedicure chair with a state of the art back massager while sipping a hot cup of tea, or a cold glass of water, in our private Pedicure Suite. Enjoy exfoliation, hydration, and leg and foot massage along with your nail shaping and polish.

French Spa Pedicure $50.00

Mini-Mani $20.00
Need a quick fix? Let us shape & polish your nails... and you'll be on your way!

Soyaffin Treatment  $15.00
These self contained, 100% natural, single-use mitts and/or booties are a wonderful alternative to paraffin, without the fear of cross contamination! You'll love the soyaffin blend of shea butter, soy, beeswax, and light mandarin essential oil, enhanced with soothing, relaxing heat for your hands or feet!

W A X I N G   S E R V I C E S

Download a Utopia Spa Waxing Services Intake Form.
Save time by printing and filling out before arriving!

Waxing is not recommended for individuals using certain medications such as Retin-A, Renova, Accutane, Glycolic Acid or any product containing AHA.
Waxing is a temporary method of removing hair at the root, slowing re-growth for several weeks. Please avoid sun exposure for 24 hours before your appointment. To ensure ease of removing unwanted hair, growth should be at least ¼ inch long. For best results, in body waxing, it’s suggested that you exfoliate the area to be waxed the day before your treatment.
  • Brow - $15
  • Lip - $10
  • Chin - $10
  • Lip and Chin - $18
  • Eyebrows, Lip and Chin - $30
  • Sideburns - $12
  • Bikini - $40 and up (consult for brazilian)
  • Underarm - $20
  • Full Arm - $40
  • Full Leg - $70
  • Half Leg (upper or lower) - $40
  • Back - $50 and up

Waxing is the removal of hair by the root. This process may cause minor skin irritation that will disappear within a short period of time.

To minimize discomfort during this period:
• Do not expose any waxed areas to sun, sand or excessive heat for 24 hours.
• Abstain from sexual intercourse for a minimum of 24 hours after a
  Brazilian Bikini waxing.
• Do not apply any product on the waxing area for 2 hours.
• Use FINIPIL after shower for 2 weeks after waxing.
Do not use soap! Use ONLY non-soap wash for your daily personal hygiene
  from now on.
• Ice compress used right after waxing will help ease discomfort and
  shorten healing time.

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